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Whipple W140-AX Supercharger (2.3 liter) Direct-drive WSC-140AXB-DD (BLACK)

60.0 lbs
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Whipple 2.3L W140-AX Supercharger 

The W140-AX (2.3 liter) Direct-drive WSC-140AXB-DD is a twin screw supercharger in BLACK by Whipple, which may be used when creating a custom blower setup. These positive displacement superchargers are used by OEM manufactures and in third party Whipple based kits. With up to 80% adiabatic and 98% volumetric efficiency its easy to see why these units increase throttle response, improve drive-ability, and give you consistent horsepower / torque gains.

  • Universal fitment for custom fabricated supercharger setups
  • Lower noise level then previous designs, virtually noise free operation
  • High flow rotor coating for increased efficiency and increased durability
  • Increased bearing lubrication for lower operating temps and increased durability
  • Fully serviceable supercharger design, replaceable and upgradeable component design
  • Robust, double angular front bearing and sealed roller rear bearing for improved reliability
  • Oil sight glass for oil level inspection
  • 100,000 mile oil change intervals
  • Model: W140AX
  • Displacement: 2.3 Liter/rev
  • Max Continous RPM: 18,000
  • Max Peak RPM: 18,000
  • Max CFM: 1430
  • Max M^3/HR: 2430
  • Max PSI: 30
  • Peak VE: 99
  • Peak AE: 80
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