Z06 C5 Corvette LS6 5.7L Supercharger RACE Kit by Procharger Stage II Intercooled System

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The Ultimate C5 Corvette Power Adder

The HO Intercooled ProCharger Race System will transform your new C5 Corvette Z06 into a 600+ flywheel horsepower monster, capable of destroying many exotic supercars of two to four times the cost. After installing a ProCharger on your LS6, your Corvette will have a .17 power to weight ratio- that means your C5 will destroy the following cars at the track: 2006 Ford GT, 2008 Mercedes SLR McLaren, 2008 Porsche 911 Turbo, and 2008 Ferrari F430!

Race Kit

Bolt on a ProCharger F-1A supercharger tuner kit, complete with air to air intercooler and get ready for 200+ hp more of tire screeching fun from your Corvette while still running on high octane pump gas. ProCharger's HO Intercooled Race Kit includes all the major components you will need for a professional, OEM quality installation. The kit includes a ProCharger self contained supercharger, mounting brackets, air to air intercooler, bypass valve system, piping, connectors, hoses, and all hardware. This kit can be installed by most back yard mechanics, with basic hand tools. This race kit includes the major parts found in the complete system, but it does not include the fuel injectors and ECU programer.

Corvette Supercharger Technology

Thanks to ProCharger's industry leading F-1A compressor design, ProCharger produces more power with less boost than the competition. The 8 rib direct drive and unrestricted air intake system also help increase the efficiency of the supercharger. LS6 Owners with unmodified Corvettes can expect around 530 rear wheel horsepower. These gains are a product of ProCharger's commitment to having the industries lowest charge air temperatures. That, in conjunction with their reputation for quality, reliability, and street driveability is why a ProCharger Supercharger is the ultimate power adder.

Scalable Power Path

This kit includes Procharger's F-1A Supercharger, capable of making over 500 Z06 rear wheel horsepower and is capable of making even more with additional LS6 modifications or with more boost. Also, Procharger has designed the system to grow as you upgrade your Corvette. The F-1A is a great kit for an owner who wants to run a more complex race setup with custom mods and tuning.

Integrated System Design

Unlike its competition, ProCharger locates both the intercooler and supercharger away from the high-heat, detonation causing areas of the engine. The C5 kit was designed to minimize factory component relocation and requires little or no modification of stock Corvette parts.


An F-1A is a large supercharger, recommended for drag racing cars with a base(before the supercharger is added) engine power of 300-500 HP. It is capable of producing a maximum of 1,100 horsepower. Inside, ProCarger's F-1A incorporates industry leading innovations such as a 5.40:1 step up ratio, a custom Teflon high pressure dual lipped seal, aerospace quality high speed bearings, and a max flow of 1,650 cfm. The F-1A is a great match for a C5 Z06 owner, who would like to see lower ETs at the track. 

  • Corvette Z06 5.7L LS6 2001 to 2004

  • Bolt on 200+ horsepower gain @ 6 psi
  • Installs in a day
  • Dedicated 8 rib drive system
  • 100% complete bolt-on system
  • Lowest charge air temperature in the industry

Included Components:
  • Polished Procharger F-1A Supercharger
  • ProFlow bypass valve
  • All necessary brackets, connectors, hardware, and quick connect wiring harnesses
  • Fittings, lines, and belts
  • Large V mount 4.5" twin highflow air to air intercooler
  • 3" Intercooler piping
  • High performance direct path air intake
  • Instruction manual with photographs and user friendly text

  • Standard 12 month limited warranty