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What is the Diablosport inTune?

The DiabloSport inTune is the next generation of tuning tools, a total revolution in the tuning industry. The inTune contains innovative features that are more advanced than any other company in the aftermarket can offer. DiabloSport's inTune replaces their current HEMI Predator line with a sleeker touch screen unit. Unlike current HEMI Predator models which only support a few vehicles, the InTune supports a wide range of performance vehicles. InTune offers many advanced features to tune your 5.7L or 6.1L powered Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, or Chrysler 300c.

Faster HEMI Programming

Featuring dual 32bit CPUs, over 1 GB of memory and DiabloSport's all new vehicle protocol communications engine, the inTune is the fastest, most powerful tuner on the market. InTune features easy drag and drop updating system and file transfer.

Diablosport Intune SetupInTune I1000 Supported Vehicles

Below is a chart that shows which vehicles will be initially supported by the Diablosport inTune. This chart will be updated weekly as DiabloSport continues to add more applications to the inTune. Some popular HEMI applications include the Dodge Challenger 2008-2010, Dodge Charger 2006-2010, Dodge Ram 2003-2010, Chrysler 300c 2005-2010, and Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006-2010. Future cars and trucks will be added shortly and will be available via free online updates.

Diablosport Intune Product Chart 
HEMI Tunes

Cutting edge software, extensive tuning experience and state of the art equipment gives DiabloSport the capability to provide our customers with the most powerful, efficient and safest tunes available. InTune features dual processors and over one gig of memory, making the fastest and most powerful tuner on the market. With a a few taps on the screen the unit will identify your car or truck and then automatically save your vehicles stock tune and write the new performance tune. Users can choose from a variety of preloaded tunes or opt to have their HEMI custom tuned at an authorized DiabloSport tuning shop. If you ever need to take your vehicle in for service at the dealership you can easily reload your stock tune. All these features are housed in a sleek and stylish stainless steel case. Of course, each unit is backed by DiabloSport's 30 day money back guarantee and is proudly made in the USA.

Diablosport Intune DevelopmentinTune Tunes:
  • Capable of excepting custom tuning 
What's In The Box:
  • 1 DiabloSport inTune
  • 1 DiabloSport USB Cable
  • 1 DiabloSport OBD2 Cable
  • 1 inTune user manual (located on the inTune's hard drive)
  • 1 inTune Quick Start Guide
  • 1 DiabloSport Sticker
inTune Features:
  • Powered by Dual 32-bit CPUs and +1GB of internal memory
  • One part number for all applications
  • OEM level scan tool
  • Smaller than the average cell phone
  • USB connectivity
  • High-Resolution color Touch Screen
  • Free online updates and tech support for the life of the product
  • 2 Analog inputs
  • Supports custom tuning
  • Enhanced Data logging
  • The DiabloSport InTune does everything the current tools do, but doesn't require extra cables or software to send/get files from it.
  • Features full touch screen and easy to use menus to make your vehicle tuning easy.
  • The dealership scan tool functions include DPF Regen, Crank Relearn, PATS/VATS re-keying.
  • The DiabloSport InTune has a gigabyte of flash memory, and the USB works with every known vehicle protocol.
  • SAE and enhanced PIDs for Ford, GM, DCX, Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW to name a few.
  • The DiabloSport InTune can tune multiple vehicles by purchasing extra licenses.