ProCharger HEMI Systems Research and Development

Industry Leading R&D

ProCharger is known, in the LX and LC community, as an industry leader in late model HEMI supercharging systems. This reputation was built by ProCharger's relentless HEMI specific research and development. Before they introduced their 5.7L and 6.1L kits, many HEMI owners were hesitant to supercharger their LX or LC due to the poor quality of the kits available. Because of this R&D process, you can be confident that your HEMI is producing maxim power and keeping your engine safe.

Extensive Dyno Testing

In 2005 ProCharger started an eighteen month R&D test on a 5.7L HEMI engine. During this testing, the air fuel ratio of each cylinder was measured and base maps were developed. Due to their differing flow characteristics, both the standard HEMI and RAM intake manifolds were tested. This supercharged motor saw 227 dyno pulls- without any signs of fatigue or failures.

Real World Conditions

In addition to dyno testing, ProCharger has also performed thousands of miles of real world street and track time on their own supercharged Dodge Charger and HEMI Ram, without a single failure. These Dodge vehicles have also seen over 200 dyno pulls and other field tests. Successful beta testing soon followed, with dozens of other test cars.

Powerful Results

The results of ProCharger's commitment to HEMI Research & Development are clear. Reliable gains of up to 150+ horsepower can easily and safely be seen on stock vehicles and even more power achieved with further modifications. Each kit comes with everything you need to ensure a from the factory look and feel. Add a ProCharger supercharger system to your HEMI engine and you will understand why they are know as the ultimate power adder.