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Install your own supercharger kit - NOT a “How to install a Supercharger” Article!

The steps and complexity of a supercharger install vary by manufacturer and vehicle model. No one HOW-TO article can address the intricacies of your particular vehicle. Because of these variances, manufacturer and vehicle specific installation manuals are included with each supercharger kit purchase. These complete manuals will guide you step by step through the installation process. If you require assistance during installation you may call the manufacturer directly or contact our technical installation and sales staff for immediate assistance.

Supercharger Installation, Upgrades, Intercooling Systems and Service Capabilities

At Shop Supercharger’s installation center we want to make sure that every supercharger we sell installed properly and efficiently. Many enthusiasts do chose to buy from us and install their own supercharger system, but others would rather have and experienced expert help with the installation. Sometimes quality installation shops in your area can assist with the installation process, but others may not service superchargers that they do not sell. If you choose to do your own installation, our technical installation and sales staff will support you in your ultimate do-it-yourself project, but if you wish to have our trained installation staff work on your new supercharger, we stand ready to efficiently and cost effectively install your supercharger kit, pulley upgrade, or high performance intercooler system.

The Shop Supercharger installation facility

At Shop Supercharger our owners, installation personnel and technical sales representatives understand that quality is the key to a good installation and satisfied customers so we will accept nothing less. Over half of our 105,000 square foot facility is devoted to the installation and modification of supercharged vehicles. That’s 55,000 square feet devoted to our certified installation technicians who have experience installing base model supercharger kits, the installation of upgraded intercooling systems, and mounting of racing superchargers.

Supercharger Installation sometimes requires fabrication or machine shop services

During installation of custom or modified supercharger systems, it is not uncommon for modifications to be required for proper fit or secure installation. Shop Supercharger has you covered with our 35,000 square foot full service machine shop. Avoid the hassle of trying to contact your local welder/machine shop to organize, communicate, and coordinate the needs of a supercharger or generic performance part installation shop. Not every local shop has experienced personnel and the specialized automotive race grade machinery required to safely and properly port plenums, modify intake manifolds, precisely clearance fine parts, or alter valve covers and wiring harnesses.

Shop Supercharger dyno services

Whether its dyno tuning your car after installing a new supercharger system or making dyno pulls to dial-in or modify your current supercharger setup, our facility has the tools to do it. We have a complete chassis dyno system to find the sweet spot in tuning for your supercharger setup. This is the same dual drum chassis dyno used by race teams from all NASCAR circuits. This means our dyno will measure true horsepower and torque figures unlike some competitors’ roll away dyno systems that can beef up the actual numbers based on calculations. Looking to build an extreme racing setup and want to build from engine up? We offer complete engine builds in house as well as engine dyno systems to test and fine tune your custom setup before you install it in your custom chassis.

Want to know more? Find out how to choose the right supercharger for you.

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